Hello. I am eFrane.

I am a programmer, photographer, and blogger from Berlin, Germany. Orthographical quirks include oxford commas and post-quotation-mark interpunction. If you encounter me without a book in my carry-on, you can generally safely assume I'm ill.

Things I did and do


A PHP library to work with Roman numerals.


An open api specification for German RIS data.

Symfony Console Additions

Helper classes to make working with the Symfony Console component even more awesome.

Tile Flow

A screensaver for OS X 10.5 (last tested on macOS 10.14)


A pagination component for Vue 2 using a sliding window.


A plugin for VuePress to provide support for diagramming with the MermaidJS library.


A Vuex plugin simplifying interfacing with Json:api resources.

What the Semver

A tiny web app to visualize semver constraints.